Your garments. Collected. Pampered. Delivered.

Welcome to a world of meticulous care and carefree convenience; where your garments, rugs and linen are not just cleaned, they are pampered and where you don’t sit in traffic to get to the dry cleaner – the dry cleaner comes to you. Welcome to the world of CIL Dry Cleaners & Laundry, where clean laundry is just a click away!

CIL Dry Cleaners & Laundry offers state of the art dry cleaning for your personal garments, linen, area rugs, drapery and more. We are the only dry cleaners in Trinidad & Tobago certified by the US National Cleaners Association, and every member of our staff, from our spot removal technicians to our counter reps, has undergone US certified training to ensure every item you entrust to us is meticulously cleaned and finished.

Free Delivery. Prompt Service. Always.

We also offer free pick-up and delivery of your laundry to your home and office, Monday through Saturday, across Trinidad. Our ‘My Basket’ feature allows you to create a customised account with us where you can schedule pick-ups and deliveries, track orders, send special care instructions and manage your accounts – all at the click of a button. Register ‘Your’ Basket today!

Lean and Green

Our process is not only good for your clothes. It’s good for the environment too! Your garments are treated using an environmentally friendly solvent that is recycled and reused each time without the need for disposal. All other by-products of the process (dirt, soils, etc.) are safely disposed of by local waste handling professionals. Our plant also features the most advanced, fully automated equipment to prevent accidents due to human error; and is completely OSHA compliant.

We’ve Been Around

Our parent company, CIL Group, has been in the linen and laundry business for over 50 years; and we’ve been offering you the best in dry cleaning service since 2011. That’s a lot of experience in the laundry business to assure you that your garments, linen and rugs are in the hands of people who truly understand laundry.

Look for the Yellow Van!