Where are you located?

Our dry cleaning plant is located in the Diamond Vale Industrial Estate, Diego Martin.

Can I drop off my garments at your plant in Diego Martin?

Yes you may, but we offer free pick up and delivery to your home or office so relax and let us deal with the traffic.

What areas of Trinidad do you service?

We offer FREE PICK UP & DELIVERY to most locations in Trinidad. We will come to your home or office on the following days.

Delivery Schedule 180815


How do I request a pick up?

You can schedule pickup and delivery right here on our website or call us at 223-6655.

If I'm not home for pick up or delivery what should I do?

If you’re comfortable leaving your garments somewhere within your property just let one of our customer reps know….but please tell us if you have dogs! Otherwise you have the option of coming to our plant or taking your garments to work and we’ll come get it there.

How do I pay?

We will accept cash, cheques or credit cards. You can also register your credit card information with us and automatically charge your account (with your permission). Just state your preference and we’ll facilitate you.

Should I tip my delivery person?

You are not in any way obligated to tip your driver. But you may provide any gratuity you see fit at your discretion.

What else do you clean besides clothes?

We can clean your drapes, table cloths, comforters and much more but if have something that you’re not sure about, please call us and inquire.

Do you wedding dress restoration?

Yes we do…as a matter of fact our staff members have received hands on training from the National Cleaners Association of America for the restoration of your most cherished (and sometimes tricky) garments.

Do you do alterations?

We can do minor alterations and have trained staff members that can do quick repairs as well but if we notice something that doesn’t look right when you drop off your garments, we will always call before it gets processed.

What is dry cleaning? How do you clean my clothes without getting them wet?

Dry cleaning is similar to washing but without the water. Dry cleaned garments are cleaned in a machine that looks like a giant washer with one major difference – instead of using water or anything water based, a liquid is used that does not contain any water. Three things cause shrinkage in garments, heat, mechanical action, and moisture. By eliminating moisture from the cleaning process we are able to get your garments clean while extending their life all without shrinking anything. Materials like wool and silk generally have to be dry cleaned. After your items are cleaned, they are pressed. Pressing is what takes the wrinkles out of your garments.

Why dry clean something instead of washing it at home?

While there are many reasons to send your garments to a professional dry cleaner, the most important reason is to prolong the life of your garments while keeping them looking their best.

How soon can I have my garments back?

Garments are usually returned within 72 hours, however we can process them faster if requested. Call us for more details.

I took my garment to another dry cleaner and they couldn't get the spot out, is there anything you can do?

The simple answer is maybe. A lot of factors go into whether a stain will come out or not and some stains can be ‘set’ by improper stain removal.